the kincannons

The Kincannons

Brittney and Jeremiah met in 2008. Over their love for Coffee Bean, snowboarding, and all things spontaneous they developed a quick friendship. Since then they've lived life together, got married, have grown a family, served with the high school and junior high ministry at Saddleback Church, and started their own portrait business, Kincannon Photography.

Brittney began Kincannon Photography in 2011, by 2012 she was able to dive in full time as a professional photographer. Brittney photographs all sessions at Kincannon Photography. She also handles all album designs, piecing together the perfect portraits for a wall gallery, helping clients choose the perfect way to preserve their portraits, quality control, and any editing that needs to be done.


Jeremiah joined forces with Kincannon Photography in 2013 and began helping families and couples design the perfect wall galleries and helping clients choose the perfect way to preserve their portraits, whether that be in their choice of a high quality print, canvas, or custom designed album. In 2016, Jeremiah began capturing brides and grooms on their wedding day, documenting events, engagements, and anniversaries. 


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